I am so excited to be working on this blog and sharing what I have learned in school and with work experience.

I have my MS in Business Statistics from Mercer University and have worked in finance for 4 years. I currently work as an analyst and love learning new things through data. I started as a teacher after I graduated with my BA in English and Creative writing from Georgia College, a school well known for their creative writing program.

My career has gone in interesting directions, and I hope to help others who are on their own journey by providing a job board! Why not apply for a position and read something about your health or travel!

I also plan to address seven areas of wellness:


Although there are six listed here, I am including a seventh – financial. This one too often gets forgotten but is so important.

Many researchers say Millennials–the latest addition to the Webster dictionary–are wellness and health obsessed. There could be some truth in that.


National Wellness Institute

There are also seven continents on Earth, and I plan to share my experiences traveling.

This site started as a literary arts journal back in 2014, which I am super proud of and you can check it out below!

It has evolved into other things now, but I didn’t want to forget where it all began.

Cactus Elbow

vol. 1 cactus elbow

Check out the inaugural issue!